What therapists say


“Excellent information. Good tips for professionals and invaluable self massage work. A well thought out seminar.”
-- Jamie Candler L.M.T. 12 years QM I seminar 1991

“This seminar is a must for graduation therapist. It ties together things we learned in school in a very simplistic way.”
– Wendy Tillman L.M.T. 1 year QM I seminar 1992

“Dynamic Instruction. This seminar imparts simple concepts and clear cut ideas for high quality massage.”
– Audrey Nelson- School teacher and Apprentice L.M.T. QM I seminar 1994

"I thought I was a good therapist but after receiving a Quantum Massage I realized there was more. The best decision in my career has been learning and using Quantum."
-- Lisa Lamb QM I seminar 2005

“Incorporating Quantum skills and tools into my routine have definitely helped me become a more effective massage therapist and has heightened my intuition. Feedback from clients has been great!”
-- Dawn Schultz L.M.T. QM I seminar 2008

"Rarely a day goes by when a client doesn’t’ say, “that is the best massage I’ve ever had.” The international resort clientele in Park City is constantly asking where I went to massage school.  I tell them UCMT (link) but that I attribute my training to Quantum Massage. Quantum Massage is highly effective an efficient.  It ensures for optimum flow, teaches time management skills and fantastic techniques for effective deep massage. "
-- Mandy Davis L.M.T. QM I seminar 2001

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