our commitment to youThe mission of the organization was born out of, and is congruent with Pamela Andersen’s personal mission in life and that is to: “To Enliven, Enlighten, Uplift and Enrich Ourselves and Those We Touch.” Pamela and her associates have actively engaged in living and promoting this mission through working and teaching in both their professional and personal lives.

eliven enlighten uplift enrich

Besides providing you with a top-of-line, 21st century approach to comprehensive massage. Our commitment to you is to four-fold:

We will Enliven your body and mind to new technology in massage that will expand your own personal approach to healing as well as your clients’.

We will Enlighten you to easy-to- apply quantum insights and skills that will accelerate the caliber of your full body massage.

We will Uplift your spirit with humor and stimulate your senses with dynamic instruction and a top-notch power-point presentation.

We will Enrich your personal experience in massage and allow you to gain an instant comprehensive view of what Quantum bodywork can do for you and your clients by treating you to a Quantum Massage prior to the hands on training.

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