quantum massage

In the summer of 1991 the creation of the Quantum Massage philosophy was born out of three interrelated personal and professional needs of the creator and owner of Quantum Massage, Pamela Andersen L.M.T.

Prior to starting her own massage company Pamela realized in the late 80’s, through research and feedback from more than 500 different professional massage clients, that there was a real and genuine need for higher caliber massage therapists in the field of massage and a real need for higher quality, continuity and overall ability of therapists to fit the needs of clients in a one hour full body massage consistently.

quantum massageWhen Pamela started her massage company Massage Express in the world-class ski resort, Park City, Utah, she also realized in order to have a ongoing, successful massage business in operation with many therapists working with her, there was a real and genuine need for continuity and consistency in performance from therapist to therapist, despite the therapist’s years of experience, that would guarantee high quality massage to hotels and lodging companies in Park City and repeat clients.

Out of these two realizations and needs was born a third. The realization and need for a simple, comprehensive, and yet easy to learn training program that teaches effective, holistic, massage concepts and skills.

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