Satisfied Clients


Since 1991 Quantum Massage has touched thousands of clients through the years who have had massage all over the world. The feedback we consistently here from these professional massage clients about the caliber and quality of Quantum Massage is... “Quantum Massage Rocks!...Quantum is one of the best if not the best massage I have ever had.”

Here is just a few of the professional massage clients who have given Quantum Massage the “Thumbs Up”

Al Gore, Tipper Gore, Tom Hanks, Candace Bergen, Faith Ford, Rob Lowe, James Brolin, Tommy Lee
Toby McGuire, Chuck Norris, Olivia Newton John, Valarie Bertinelle, Eddie Van Halen, Jill Clayburn, Sandra Bullock Val Kilmer, Steven Baldwin, Cuba Gooding Jr., Martha Stewart, Cheech Marin, Geraldo Rivera, Victoria Principal, James Taylor Band, Art Linkletter, Margot Hemingway, The Prince of Tonga, Danny Divito, Art Garfunkel, Montel Willams, Jimmy Osmond, Lisa Kudrow

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