Pamela Andersen

Pamela Andersen’s qualifications are in part self derived and sustained as a result of her own personal journey in healing and her own personal informal education with massage which were the mediums for the discovery and creation of the concepts and principles of Quantum Massage. Pamela’s qualifications are also reliant on her formal education, various teaching experiences and the undeniable results and success of the Quantum Massage training since its conception.

Pamela graduated from the University of Utah in 1981with a teaching degree and has coached High School basketball. She has taught classes and courses ranging from basketball camps, adult/child swim classes, English, Reading, Health Education, Physical Education. In the late 80’s Pamela taught a four week adult community education course that presented the history of massage, couples massage, infant massage, pet massage and self-massage. She has also coordinated and taught Reiki I and II seminars in Park City and Green Valley Health Spa in St. George, Utah.

Besides the success derived from the creation of Quantum Massage, Pamela has also designed, developed and implemented a successful one-day Ayurvedic and Aromatherapy seminar for massage therapists working with her company in Park City. This seminar is designed to help therapists better fit the needs of the diverse clientele in Park City and Deer Valley. Finally over the past two years she has created, developed and implemented mobile Spa and Hot Stone services within her company along with the necessary training and equipment for therapists working with her.

The feedback through the years from students, ball players, children, and massage therapists who have been taught by Pamela has been consistent in regards to her teaching ability and qualifications - Pamela is a natural born teacher who is dynamic, clear, concise and presents information with original thought and ideas that stimulates and educates those of whom she touches and teaches.


Aldena Brown

Aldena Brown’s qualifications as an administrator/leader/logistics coordinator/accountant have stood the test of time. As a teenager she assisted her father in the planning/coordination of his ministry duties. She helped plan and coordinate church events, socials and from time to time gave sermons in church. In the 1980’s she had an opportunity to coordinate The Awakening Seminar in Salt Lake City, UT

Aldena has been Pamela’s business partner in their Massage Company, Massage Express since 1991 and has gained an incredible amount of experience in accounting/business skills, day-to-day business operations, public relations and leadership abilities. Her degree in Personology has been an invaluable tool that has assisted in teaching and communicating with the diversity of personalities in their business and the resort community. These qualities have carried over and naturally assisted in the logistics and administration of the Quantum Massage Seminars through the years.


Diana Peterson

Diana Peterson has a great foundation for her role in the Quantum Massage Seminars and training. Before attending massage school in 1998 she was a dedicated body builder for 18 years and owned a body building gym in Tennessee for 4 years where she was also a personal trainer. The knowledge regarding muscle anatomy and muscles movement that she gained through those years of training have accelerated her intuitive depth and understanding of massage skills and principles.

Diana is the head-teaching assistant and assistant instructor for Quantum Massage. She has assisted Pamela in the initial interviews, the return Quantum Massage to each participant, the Quantum Massage Seminar and in the one on one session for the Certificate of Competency.

Not only has she completed all Quantum Massage courses, she has also worked extensively with Pamela since 1999 to qualify as the head assistant, assistant instructor and interviewer.

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